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  ATN Products Used In Operation Iraqi Freedom
Let Me Say That I Love The Scope. It Is A Good Concept. I Have Been Shooting Sniper Rifles For 17 Years, And Finding A Good Day/night Scope Has Always Been A Problem. I Could Have Really Used Your Riflescope In Afghanistan.

Prior To Finding Your Scope, My .50 Cal Rifle Had No Night Capability. So It Was Basically Worthless. We Own The Dark. If Not For ATN And Your Scope, My Rifle Would Still Be In A Box.
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  Review On ATN 10x65 Z Mil Dot By Clair Rees With On Target Magazine
One Of The Wildest-looking Riflescopes I’ve Seen In A Long Time Is The 10x65Z Army Mil-Dot Model Just Introduced By The American Technologies Network Corp (ATN). This Innovative, Fixed-power 10x Scope Features A Massive 65mm Objective Lens With A Built-in Sunshade And Spring-loaded Protective Cap.
Scopes With Oversized Objectives—and I Can’t Think Of Any Sporting Scope With A Larger Lens Than This—typically Position Their Eyepieces High Above The Bore. Viewing The Target Through These Elevated Lenses Requires A Tall-combed Stock Or Holding Your Head Unnaturally High. The ATN Scope Solves This Problem With The Help Of A Patented Prismatic Design, Which Allows Offsetting The Eyepiece From The Centerline Of The Scope In The Same Way A Porroprism Binocular Does.
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  ATN 7900 Crusader Night Scope Review
I have called predators for the better part of 20 years, but almost always in daylight. It wasn't until several years ago, that I started calling them at night. The cover of darkness adds another level to this already challenging sport. On the plus side, predators are abundant at night and readily come to the call, but the obvious downside is they are hard to see. I have experimented with various spotlight, and gun mounted lights, and while they do work well under most situation, you have to lug around a bunch of battery packs and the occasional coyote will spook from the telltale glare of an uncovered light. When night vision optics first entered the market at an affordable price, I rushed out and bought one with preconceived notions of how well it would work for predators. To my dismay this inexpensive, first generation night vision wasn't very good. It didn't gather enough light, the image was very grainy and it required constant focusing to be able to see anything at all.
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  American Technologies 10X65Z Tactical Scope
ATN Is Proud To Introduce The New 10x65Z Illuminated Reticle Tactical Scope. The New Z-series Prismatic Design Allows Law Enforcement, Hunters Or Shooting Enthusiasts To Use A Scope With A 65mm Aperture That Sits Closer To The Barrel Than A Standard 40mm Scope. Features Include An Illuminated Army Mil-Dot Reticle, An Interchangeable Bullet Drop Compensator For five Different Calibers, And Parallax Adjustment. The ATN10x65z Scope Is A Standard - Not An Option - For The Shooting Professional Or Enthusiast.
From Gear Locker Of SWAT Magazine

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